Learn more about how our cancer system is performing
Learn more about how our cancer system is performing

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s System Performance web application is designed to provide users with access to the latest available data and analysis measuring the quality of cancer control across Canada. Learn more about how this tool can help support your work.

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Breast Cancer

Age-standardized five-year relative survival ratios for breast cancer, both sexes combined, Canada – 1992 to 1994 vs. 2006 to 2008
Age standardized to population diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada between 1992 and 2001. Data based on 15 to 99 years of age at diagnosis. QC data excluded due to different methodology for determining date of diagnosis. Data source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Cancer Statistics
Breast Cancer Screening Outside Recommended Guidelines

Screening outside of guidelines: Percentage of women (aged ≥ 75) reporting a screening mammogram in the last two years, by province/ territory – 2012 reporting year
* Suppressed due to statistical unreliability caused by small numbers. E Interpret with caution owing to a large variability in the estimate. Excludes tests done to investigate symptoms. Data source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Community Health Survey
Post-Operative Chemotherapy for Stage III Colon Cancer Patients

Percentage of Stage III colon cancer patients receiving chemotherapy following surgical resection, by patient age group, by sex – patients diagnosed in 2010
Data include AB, MB, NL, PE and SK. Data include chemotherapy started within 120 days following surgery. Data source: Provincial cancer agencies
Stage Distribution

Distribution of cases by stage at diagnosis for lung cancer – in 2010 and 2011 combined
Stage 0 includes in situ. NOS = stage not otherwise specified. In occult stage, malignant cells are present in bronchopulmonary secretions, but no tumour is seen radiographically or during bronchoscopy. Data include AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NS, PE and SK. ON reports staging but excludes Stage 0; therefore, data not included. Data source: Provincial cancer agencies
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