About this Web Application

Launched in June 2014, this Web Application brought to you by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, has been designed to provide access to the latest available data and analysis measuring the quality of cancer control across Canada. Through a variety of system performance indicators and provincial comparisons, the Web App helps identify areas of cancer control across Canada that are doing well, and those requiring further improvement. This in turn helps inform opportunities for further research and analysis at the provincial, regional and local levels.

The Web App is accessible from multiple devices including mobiles, and provides a number of functionalities:

Browse the latest graphs and tables in an interactive and user-friendly manner. Data from previous years can also be accessed in the “Reports” archive section

View the content from different perspectives including cancer control domain and disease site

Download all graphs and tables, as well as the data from each chart for own analysis

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About the Partnership’s System Performance Initiative

The Partnership’s System Performance Initiative is a national effort to identify aspects of the cancer control system that need to be measured or are under-measured, to define performance indicators, to collect valid and comparable data, and to report findings in an integrated manner that allows for synthesis of results and interpretation of patterns.

Findings are published in a series of reports targeted at the cancer control community, especially provincial cancer agencies, departments or ministries of health, clinicians, researchers, and cancer patients and their families. Peer-reviewed articles, presentations and workshops at conferences and, most recently, a web application also enable the dissemination of pan-Canadian system performance information. Such knowledge is intended to aid policy makers, health planners, researchers and clinicians in identifying best practices and opportunities for quality improvements in cancer control across Canada.

System Performance Steering Committee
Provincial Representatives:
Dr. Sunil Yadav Medical Oncologist, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Dr. David Dawe Medical Oncologist, CancerCare Manitoba
Dr. Michael McKenzie Vice-President Quality, BC Cancer
Dr. Marc Kerba Radiation Oncologist, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Alberta
Dr. Eshwar Kumar Co-Chief Executive Officer, New Brunswick Department of Health, New Brunswick Cancer Network
Dr. Jean Latreille Directeur, Direction québécoise de cancérologie, Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (Québec)
Dr. Robin McLeod Vice-President, Clinical Programs and Quality Initiatives, Cancer Care Ontario
Dr. Larry Pan Head, Provincial Radiation Oncology Service, PEI Cancer Treatment Centre
Dr. Drew Bethune Clinical Lead, Cancer Care Nova Scotia
Dr. Janet Templeton Director, Provincial Cancer Program, Eastern Health
Dr. Shazia Mahmood Director of Radiation Oncology, Allan Blair Centre
Expert Advisors:
Dr. Gregory McKinnon Surgical Oncologist
Dr. Aynharan Sinnarajah Palliative Care Physician
Dr. Geoff Porter Surgical Oncologist
Patient Family Advisors:
Ms. Marie Soprovich Patient/Family Advisors
Ms. Robin Harry Patient/Family Advisors
Ms. Susan Townsend Patient/Family Advisors
Ms. Sandra Dudych Patient/Family Advisors
System Performance Technical Working Group
Dr. Grlica Bolesnikov Co-ordinator, Quality Management and Accountability, New Brunswick Department of Health, New Brunswick Cancer Network
Dr. Prithwish De Director, Surveillance and Cancer Registry, Cancer Care Ontario
Mr. Jeffery Dowden Clinical Epidemiologist, Cancer Care Program, Eastern Health
Ms. Colleen McGahan Biostatistical Lead, Cancer Surveillance and Outcomes, Population Oncology, BC Cancer
Mr. Riaz Alvi Director, Epidemiology and Performance Measurement, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Dr. Donna Turner Epidemiologist and Provincial Director, Population Oncology, CancerCare Manitoba
Ms. Kim Vriends Manager, Prince Edward Island Cancer Registry
Mr. Gordon Walsh Epidemiologist, Surveillance and Epidemiology Unit, Cancer Care Nova Scotia
Ms. Joelle Sarra-Bournet Agente de recherche et de planification socio-économique, Direction québécoise de cancérologie, Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (Québec)
Ms.  Lorraine Shack Director of Surveillance and Reporting, CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services

About The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (the Partnership) was created in 2007 by the federal government with funding through Health Canada. Since then, our primary mandate has been to move Canada’s cancer control strategy into action and to help it succeed through coordinated system-level change across the full cancer care continuum—from prevention and treatment through survivorship and palliative care.

The Partnership achieves outcomes by working closely with national, provincial and territorial partners. This collaboration stimulates and supports the generation of knowledge about cancer and cancer control and promotes the exchange and uptake of best practices across the country to help those most affected by cancer. The outcomes we work toward are fewer cases of cancer, fewer Canadians dying from cancer and a better quality of life for those affected by cancer.